Marketing that Works

How Entrepreneurial Marketing Can Add Sustainable Value to Any Sized Company

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This practical guide shows how to use modern entrepreneurial marketing techniques to differentiate your company in the eyes of customers to achieve sustainable profitability. The authors focus on innovative strategies and tactics, pioneered by some of today’s most successful companies. These high-impact methods, will help entrepreneurs achieve immediate, bottom-line results through more effective marketing. Based on The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania’s pioneering Entrepreneurial Marketing course, this edition is fully updated to reflect what works in the marketplace today. Guided by the authors’ ongoing collaboration with dozens of high-growth companies, it offers pragmatic, new insights into which marketing programs and distribution channels are likely to succeed , and how to leverage them in your unique business environment, even with strictly limited resources.


Leonard M. Lodish

Leonard M. Lodish, Ph.D., is Samuel R. Harrell Professor Emeritus of Marketing at The Wharton School… Read More

Howard L. Morgan

Howard L. Morgan is cofounder and Partner of First Round Capital, a venture capital investment firm…Read More

Shellye Archambeau

Shellye Archambeau is CEO of MetricStream, Inc., a recognized global leader in Governance, Risk and…Read More

Jeffrey A. Babin

Jeffrey A. Babin is Associate Professor of Practice & Associate Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship at…Read More